About this Planning Process

Alleghany County and the City of Covington have decided to leverage their resources and work collaboratively in updating their Comprehensive Plans, last adopted in 2013, by having a joint planning process. What this means is that there is one steering committee that will be guiding the project team through the vision, goals, and objectives for the County and the City. The outcome will be one plan for Alleghany County and one plan for the City of Covington, through one shared process. This ensures that both the County and the City grow together cohesively.

This planning process will take about a year to complete, with an expected adoption in October 2018. Throughout the process, this website will have updates including narrated presentations, ways to contact the project team, and various materials used in the process.

UPDATE:  The Steering Committee, City/County staff, and project managers have been working together to determine a vision, goals, objectives, and strategies.  From these, a draft future land use map has been created for the City of Covington, and one for Alleghany County.  These documents can be found in the Document Center.  

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